Linda Dennis  


Creator and owner of Fourth Crossing Wildlife

My passion for Australian native animals was kick started nearly 20 years ago with my very first raptor experience at Eagle Heritage near Margaret River in Western Australia. After an up close and personal experience with a Black Kite perching on my gloved hand I vowed that I would soon work closely with these magnificent creatures.

Some years later I held true to the vow and I become licensed to raise and rehabilitate native animals that had been injured, were sick or orphaned. And, with the help of my husband Todd, I have now been experiencing the joy of wildlife care for just around 12 years.

In 2003 I created Fourth Crossing Wildlife which started out as a place to share my care knowledge, photos and stories on of native animals. It has since grown to become the wildlife carers best friend with quality care guides and short term care tips easily accessible by people (and critters!) in need. Many highly experienced wildlife carers contribute to FCW, including veterinarians and zoo keepers.