Snake handling course

There will not be a course held at Tamworth
this year.  Next course at Tamworth should be 2018.
Also the Glenreagh course that was scheduled for November 2017 has now
been postponed to March 2018 – date is 10th & 11th March 2018.
First time that Glenreagh has not been in November!
Notice will be sent out early 2018.
There is also a course at Dubbo for 28th & 29th October 2017 if any members are interested in travelling to Dubbo.



Initial First-aid

Native Animal First Aid

General Emergency Care

Improper rescue can hurt both the animal and the rescuer. This is why NTWC trains all its volunteers.

Wild animals are not used to being handled and are very susceptible to stress. If handled improperly, they are likely to struggle and hurt themselves even more. It is crucial to take care with the rescue of any native animal, and to reduce the animal’s stress as much as possible.


Remove any threat to the animal. This may mean locking up cats and dogs until the animal is rescued by a licensed rescuer.


Minimise stress by placing a towel or blanket over the animal, then gently place in a box. Put the box in a warm, quiet, dark room and DO NOT DISTURB. The stress associated with human contact can result in death.


Seek advice. If you live in the area of Armidale call 1800-008-290 if not call WIRES 1800-641-888

Otherwise contact your local parks and wildlife service. NTWC will give you advice on what to do until a trained NTWC rescuer comes to take the animal to a foster carer. The foster carer will look after the animal until it is ready to be returned to the wild.

Please Remember: It is against the law to keep native animals taken from the wild. They must be passed onto a licensed carer or wildlife rescue organisation.