General Care of Orphaned Macropods

Making the decision to care for an orphaned macropod should be made after taking into consideration a number of issues. It is a huge commitment,  financially, emotionally and in time and resources. For the welfare of the animal, you should ensure that you are well prepared for the commitment.
You should not attempt to raise a macropod joey if you have any of the following details in your life:-

  • If you work and are unable to take the joey with you or have an unstable work environment (eg noisy factory, shift work)

  • If you have domestic pets (unless you have a large enough property that the macropod joey will not have access to the dog/cat)

  • If you have young children

  • If you cannot keep the joey in a quiet stable environment

  • If you cannot stick to a dedicated feeding pattern

  • If you are unable to cope with night feeds

  • If you are unable to be the primary carer of the joey

  • If you cannot afford to financially raise a joey. It can cost hundreds of dollars to raise each joey.

  • If you will have a problem parting with the joey when it is time for pre-release.

We raise to release….and we need to raise them properly to ensure their survival, not just throughout care, but also after release. If you don’t think you can meet this criteria you should not raise a macropod joey.

Raising a macropod joey as a pet is not acceptable; they are entitled to their true life. We are the keepers and carers for a short period of their lives, usually due to human caused intervention with their mothers, by car, dog or habitat loss. We should do everything in our power to give them the best possible chance and duplicate the life they would have had with their natural mother to the best of our abilities.

The decision to hand raise a macropod joey should only be taken if there is a reasonable chance of success and if there is a place for the animal to go when it is time for release.