Raising your Joey

How to Diagnosis clinical signs of disease 

Below are some hints to help you successfully raise your macropod joey to release.

  • Make sure in the first few weeks you are the only person to touch and feed the joey. Unless you establish a bond and it sees you as its mother, its chances of survival are poor.

  • Read, read, read everything and anything and perfect your macropod caring.

  • You must attend specialised training workshops to learn the necessary skills associated with raising orphaned joeys

  • See and treat each joey as an individual. What works for some joeys will not work on others. You must be aware of your joeys individual needs.

  • Be strong and take as much advice as you can, especially from carers that have been caring for macropods for a long time. Common sense usually tells you what’s right or wrong anyway.

  • Everyone makes mistakes and we all regret them, but use them as a learning experience. If you don’t learn and you continue to repeat those mistakes then you should not be caring.

  • Be honest with yourself and others. If your joey does not survive and you can honestly look back and not criticise yourself; you did a good job.

  • Remember in the wild 90% of joeys do not make their first year.

And last of all, a lot of clinical signs that joeys present with eg poor appetite, fur loss, skin lesions and diarrhoea to name a few are all signs of stress. It is important to reduce exposure to stress as much as possible.